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Counselling with Celise

I will help you push the worry aside, stop the overthinking, get you off the hamster wheel and restore the inner calm. I will encourage you to explore and conquer the barriers that are stopping you from thriving so you can move forward and live life on your terms.


This is a space where worry can be reduced and change can be explored.

Are you ready?

The change may have happened (new baby, job, stage of life, loss/death) and you are not sure how to adapt to it.

Or you want to lead the change (tired of being angry, worried, fearful) and are not sure where to start.




It can feel different

You may be a bit confused about why you can’t figure this out yourself.

You might be thinking:

“Everyone else is doing this and making it look easy. Why can’t I?”

“No one can see how hard I am trying.”

“This is exhausting, I’m only just keeping my head above water.”

"Grief is a part of life."

“No one is going to understand this.”

“My problem is not important enough to burden someone else with.”

“If I just hold on a bit longer something will change and I won’t have to figure it out.”

You can figure it out

I can help you

I will create a relationship with you which is safe and caring, providing you the opportunity to explore and reflect at your own pace. I focus on working with the strengths and wisdom you already have, helping it resurface and shine once again. You will learn how to listen to the messages in your body as well as your head.


I believe you deserve to be living your best life. I want to hear what that looks like for you.

Aerial View of Surfers

Get in touch

It takes a huge amount of courage to reach out. I will make you feel welcome, build a connection and ensure we go in the direction that feels right for you. It is the worry making you feel unsure if this is right for you, push through.

I am here for you.

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we meet, the Gadigal and Bidjigal people of the Eora Nation. I appreciate the love, life and care they have poured into this land over thousands of years. I admire their strength and resilience.

Spot On Health Hub

31 Belmore Road

Randwick  NSW  Australia

0481 580 167

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