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Vanishing, hiding, protecting or invisible?

This amazing sculpture lead me to reflect on the different parts of self, personality, story that we show to different people and the parts that are hidden.

This sculpture is part of this years Sculpture by the Sea and sits on the cliffs between Bondi and Tamarama. It was created by Bruno Catalano and is titled Benoit. I am so grateful to have this amazing art out in this beautiful outdoor setting.

Hidden away

When I approached this sculpture I could not see the gaps. From the side it looked like a man striding forward. When I viewed it from the front the magic and mystical was revealed.

For me the magic is in the surprise but also the practical - how is that small join holding all of the top up? How does this relate to us in our everyday life? Are you on a solid base or just held together by a hair? Perhaps the hair is enough but if you want a more solid base what is getting in the way of that? Is it stress, anxiety, grief or worry? How do we strength the join? There are lots of different ways and we all have different ways that work for us. It might be exercise, nature, self care, socialising, time alone, art, music, talking or silence.

What is in the space?

What parts of this man are we not seeing? Are they hidden away through shame, because they are too hard to show or to protect us? Does he show some parts to certain people and other parts to different people? This is often what we do in our every day life. Different people fill different roles and see certain parts of our world.

Are parts not visible because no one is paying enough attention? Perhaps everyone is rushing by focused on their own journey and not noticing that of the person beside them.

Tell your story

Do you feel like people are looking through you? Would it help to share more of your story?

Talking to someone you trust might help. Share what is going on inside of you. Let someone see a little bit more. It can be a balm to be heard and seen. It can reduce the sense of overwhelm, help find some peace and shine a light of the what to do next.


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