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World Mental Health Day 2022

Look at these beautiful starfish being washed around by the incoming waves. Do you like to play by the shore and roll around in the waves? I loved it when I was a child but now I don’t like the topsy turvy feeling of it. I like to sit further up on the beach and watch from a distance.

Do you feel like your life is at the mercy of the waves? Are you being tossed around more than you’d like? Do the waves come too quickly for you to be able to catch your breath? Are the waves of worry and stress too much for you to manage? Is anxiety trying to pull you under?

On this World Mental Health Day is there one thing you can do to help move yourself up the beach a little. Put a bit of distance between yourself and the wave. Give yourself time to catch your breath. Or can you see someone else who is struggling in the waves? Can you offer them a hand to help them out of the grasp of the wave?

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