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Celise de Carvalho

Do you remember a time when the overthinking that keeps you up at night and the butterflies in your stomach weren’t the norm. Or maybe procrastination and feeling like everything is too much of an effort weren’t the norm … but those days feel like a distant memory. Don’t you wish you had the support to change that?


You’ve come to the right place.


I’m Celise and I help people just like you. I believe you can do this, I will help guide you back.  I help my clients feel calmer, happier and more confident by equipping them with an understanding of what is important for them to have in their life and what is holding them back. We will work with your mind and your body. What are the stories and what does it feel like in your body?


I began my working life as a teacher but found that I didn't want to do all the talking. I wanted to listen more deeply. When I work with clients now I believe you are the expert in your life and I will walk beside you, guiding from the sidelines. The part I loved about teaching was working closely with people and helping them grow, just like counselling.

I have created a space where people feel safe to discuss and create change. I will help you find the strength, hope, and resiliency to overcome challenges. I believe these challenges are an opportunity to explore current barriers, identify and work toward goals and develop new skills.

I take a curious stance, helping you discover your process and find your own solutions that feel right for you. Sometimes finding the words to describe what is happening is difficult and does not always get to the core of the problem. I use techniques, such as sandtray, Brainspotting and breath work to access the non-verbal, creative, emotional areas of you.


My approach is person centred, you can expect me to draw on solution focused strength based therapy with a mix of narrative therapy, creative therapy, Brainspotting and CBT.



I am dedicated to helping people thrive.


I have the expertise you need and deserve when you are ready to regain the life that worry and stress are robbing you of. I get it because I have worked with 100’s of people whose lives have been negatively impacted by anxiety, fear and stress. I know that you need to be ready, that it’s scary and there will be times you want to hide away from it. I will help you through. I will work with you and be beside you. And it won't all be hard, we will laugh and chat and discover wonderful new things. 


Prior to private practice, I worked on the Beyond Blue New Access program which targets anxiety, depression and stress and as a High School counsellor. Both of these roles highlighted to me how much of an impact worry has on daily life for many people.

I work with teenagers and adults.

I have regular supervision and my own therapy, which you can read about here.


PACFA registration 26719

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Graduate Diploma of Counselling

Diploma of Education

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