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Parents and Carers

You may have lots of questions about what therapy will look like. Please join your young person for the beginning of our first session. I will be able to answer your questions and outline how we will work together.

I use creative therapies for all my clients. If you are bringing in your teen you can expect play and sand tray will be a part of their therapy. These modalities access the right side of the brain where as traditional talk therapy accesses the left side. The left side uses words and is where we make sense of the world. The right side is where our feelings, emotions and implicit memories are and having a way to explore this non verbal side is powerful.


Please feel free to bring all your questions into the first session.



I will outline confidentiality and mandatory reporting and what that will mean for you and your child/teenager.


Support for you

We can chat about your needs and I can make some suggestions for further support for you if this is something that you think would be beneficial.


Thank you

Thank you for trusting me with your teen. I know it is hard. It is a big step with a lot of hope attached to it. I will work hard to provide your young person with a safe space to grow, reflect and explore.

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Let's Work Together

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